The Stressed SysAdmin

The Stressed SysAdmin is actually, not as stressed as he used to be. He currently works as an IT Pro in Canada and through copious amounts of therapy tapes, has become one with technology.

After having a few places on the web for me to share my thoughts and nuggets of information, I decided to bite the bullet and put everything in one easy place. No more multiple blogs, no more multiple services (well, just a few - all tied together nicely).

So - Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

The primary goal of this website is to be a one stop shop for me to find all of my links, notes and other tid-bits of information. There are multiple links to other sources to help make this a true one-stop-shop for my morning reading. In addition, any other information I decide to be worthy enough to document, can be found in the TechNotes section. If some if it can help you with a technical problem too, then that's great!

Any notes regarding external content, have been cited and linked to for credit. (If I missed one - let me know)

Finally my Personal Blog section 'Chronicles' - is just that. If you want to read what my opinions are on technical and non-technical topics, please feel free to browse.

Im an IT guy, Technology Evangelist and true geek at heart.

Why The Tin Dog?

It's a reference to the totally awesome BBC series Dr Who. During the earlier series, he had a robotic dog called K9. K9 made a more recent cameo appearance in series 2 where it was nicknamed 'the Tin Dog'. A little obscure, but quick and easy to type for a domain name.


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