Apples Map Function Still Needs Work

A rather interesting release from the Victoria Police, in Australia  advises motorists in the area not to rely on Apple's iOS6 mapping application.

The report says that, local police have had to rescue stranded motorists from the middle of a national park, because iOS puts the town of Mildura around 70km away from its physical location. 

Police are extremely concerned as there is no water supply within the Park and temperatures can reach as high as 46 degrees, making this a potentially life threatening issue.

While I do use an Apple device, I am by no means a die hard Apple fan. But I also understand that this cant be 100% Apple's fault. They purchased their mapping data from another company (to move away from Google) so some of the blame must lie with them too.

Maps has been one of the biggest blunders recently with Apple in the press, and some employees even lost their jobs over it.

But have we come to expect too much from the tech giant? Have they raised the bar so high for themselves that one or two slipups can get blown out of proportion?

Read more on the Victoria Police press release here:

Image from Victoria Police news release. Purple pin is actual location of the town.