Waiting for Service

On wednesday I wrote a brief post about someone I knew, who refused to install Windows Updates. (The Swiss Cheese Software)

I was discussing this with a colleague who also brought up the concept of 'Waiting for the Service Pack' before buying the next version of Windows. This is rather appropriate with Windows 8 just having being released.

The concept is, that before buying a new operating system, you should wait until the first service pack is released, so that they can 'work out the bugs' and you dont get buggy software.

This is one of those outdated beliefs that was true many years ago. Back when patches and service packs were delivered on CD because the internet connectivity was just so slow.

Here is what I believe that many people mis-understand the whole service pack concept. The "service pack" is just a fancy name for "collection of updates we have already released but are putting together into one huge download approximately one year after releasing the software"

That's all a service pack is.

You will actually get the same benefit from installing the software to start with and continually apply the updates as they are released.

So... Why "wait for the service pack" ??