How To Ask For Help #1 - Don't tell me how to fix it.

Having worked in many areas of IT, one of the things that really stands out, is the huge disconnect between non-technical and technical staff members. This is really to be expected. Employees just want to come in, do their job and go home (and get paid). Anything that interrupts that process or does not contribute, is unnecessary.

I do understand this, everyone is so busy with staff cutbacks or employers 'making do' with existing staff, that no-one has time.

However... when a non-technical person needs help from the IT helpdesk, there are a few things that can speed up the process, get them a better result and keep tempers on both sides on an even keel. Therefore, this blog entry series, is a list of a few things that non-technical people can do to help themselves (from an IT guys point of view.)

  1. Don't tell me how to fix it.
    If you go to the doctor, would you tell him that you need a cardio-rythmic angioplasty (if there is such a thing) ? or would you tell the doctor, that you have a chest pain at when you excercise, let the doctor do the troubleshooting and go from there.

    There is a reason we do this job. [Most of us] understand more about the systems and what they depend on, link into and process, than you could ever do. This is not meant to be arrogant, but it is our job to know this.

    So PLEASE, tell me your symptoms, the errors that you are experiencing and if possible, show me how you get the error. Then I can troubleshoot to the cause of the problem. Now in some cases, you may be right with your diagnosis,but give me a chance to use my brain.