How To Ask For Help #2 - Stick to the procedure

Stick to the procedure
In many IT environments there is an established process for asking for help. In some cases, you call a specific extension, email a dedicated mailbox or in one case, I was told that 'I just press F1, someone comes along eventually'.

There is a reason for this - it helps the IT staff prioritize and allocate the resources more efficiently. If you have a problem with your Word document not saving at the same time a server is off line, then a) the two could be related and b) the server is affecting more people than your word document so please don't start banging on the IT office door demanding that we sort it out.

The other reason that we don't like people turning up, unannounced at our office, is not because we are un-personable. There is nothing more we would like to do than to talk about your problem, but, chances are, we are in the middle of something else. One of the hardest things about trying to find a problem that you are working on, is when you get interrupted, loose focus and have to re-start tasks you have already done.