How much more important is YOUR time?

So, this morning got me thinking... is your time more important than mine? Is it somehow related to hourly rate, a self inflated air of superiority or simply an addiction?

If you walk into my office, interrupt my work with your problem, don't, please don't stop half way through the explanation to take a 5 minute call.

I understand, in some cases that you may have been playing phone tag with the important client<insert client="" name=""> about <project name=""> the important project that needs to be completed by three days ago<two ago="" days="">. But if you take that call, you had better be apologetic and buy me candy. </two></project></insert>
Note: Candy is only $1 from the machine in the lunchroom. Go away. Get me some M&Ms, and OhHenry bar or a snickers bar and come back looking more sheepish than an outcast black-sheep-of-the-family.