Using My iPad - How it all started

 ya know. there are a lot of people out there blogging about the new iPad. Some are for it, some are against it. Some are slating (haha... get it??) the supports as Apple FanBoys, others just really dont know.

On The Fence

For a long time, (since the iPad was rumored in 2009 - which in tech-time is a few decades), I was on the fence. I really liked the idea of a tablet form-factor to consume information and record basic details. I have had an iPod (1st Gen Nano, 2nd Gen Nano & Touch) but I am by no means, any kind of 'Apply Guy'. Ask anyone at the office (especially the 'Apple Guy' whom I [used to] constantly berate over the prices that he paid.

I wanted an easy-to-use tablet for general information consumption. That was my aim. Apple rumors started, then did the Microsoft ones, the HP ones and so-on. By March of 2010 I was convinced I wanted a tablet to replace my home web-surfing and email checking, to replace my bulky and aging laptop. After watching the MS Courier videos, my mind was made up. I could get a tablet without getting an Apple. Or so I thought. One after the other, tablet/slate projects were canceled and in the end there were two main players and a sprinkling of boutique vendors. So my choice was Apple's 9.5inch iPad for $550 or Dell's 5inch Streak for an absurd amount of money. (although, there are bigger screen Streaks on the way.... apparently).

Other Critics

One of my problems with the sheer amount of people blogging about the iPad, is that most of it was written either before or just after the launch of the iPad. even now, it has been in the US for 2 months and Canada for 6 Days! As a result, these people are blogging about how they're not going to use it because its an Apple, ties to the Apple store, no USB ports and the like. There is very little on the practical use of the device.

My perspective is a little different. Instead of looking at what it does or doesn't do, I'm looking at what *I* want to do and trying to get the iPad to meet those requirements,

So this new series of blog entries, is about my new iPad. Im going to try and stay away from how cool it is and stick to the 'How I Use It' and 'What I Use It For' so that if anyone stumbles on my blog and is on the fence about an iPad, they can make their *own* decision.

NOTE: Please note that my iPad has replaced my home-use computer but I still use a notebook at the office.

My Requirements for the iPad

So having the iPad replace the home laptop means I have some initial requirements. They are;

Be able to surf websites easily
Read & Reply to email
Remote computer access (preferably RDP)
Read PDF Documents / Books.
Read & Edit Word & Excel Documents
View photos
Watch Internet videos and Ripped DVDs
Personal Information (ie. task lists & Calendar)

Would Be Nice:
Play a few games for distraction
Graphics program for tweaking photos

Now, as a lot of you probably know, pretty much anything can be done with additional Apps, and thankfully, alot of them are free. There are some decent paid apps which I am trying out and also some wildly expensive ones (the most expensive one I've found so far, $179!).

There are thousands of Apps in the AppStore so I will document my current App list and what I use them for shortly.