De-Stressing and Untagling

As a quick follow up to my post earlier about burn-out, (Read Here), I found a nice article about de-stressing on the Tech Republic site.

It is mostly common sense, but as I have frequently found, even the best of us need a reminder now and then. read the full article here, but in summary;

1: Take a deep breath

You’ve heard this many times, but here’s the thing — you probably don’t do it regularly. And it works.  It can clear your head, stop headaches, reduce your blood pressure, and make you less angry.

2: Find an outlet

Without an outlet, you will carry your stress in your body. So do something.For example, yoga is a great exercise for anyone at any level.

3: Get some decent sleep and consider your diet

Without a good night’s sleep, you’re going to become more emotional, less reasonable and productive, and more foggy. Remember: The quality of the sleep is the issue — not how much time you spend in the bed.

4: Help someone

It feels really good to help others. It creates a rush that is difficult to create in any other way. This action helps improve your self-confidence and often improves your game at work.

5: Express gratitude

Those who are the most grateful for what they have in their lives enjoy more of those successes.