Easy Answers

In the spirit of SysAdminDay and helping out, not only my userbase, but also anyone else who has a 'computer thing question' - please check for a solution from the list below before chasing down your IT Guy or Gal on this holy day;
  • No, the Internet is not 'Down'.
  • The light on your computer 'is' blinking for a reason... its keeping me employed
  • I'd be happy to move your project or request to the top of my list. All you have to do is call everyone else and explain why your request is more important.
  • Yes. Keep clicking submit on that web page. That will make it process waaaay faster.
  • Did you try "password" ?
  • Yes. All your computer problems are my fault. I built the computer. I wrote the software. Because I really, really, enjoy getting yelled at.
  • You've had the same problem on three different workstations, at two different companies. Is there a chance the problem could be you?