Camping with Technology (2)

Earlier in the week, my four-year old daughter decided that she wanted to go camping again. After a lot of searching, there were very few available campgrounds at such short notice. So I decided that we should do the 'stay-cation' thing and camp in the back garden.

We setup the tent, I arranged to borrow a friends propane camp fire, and even got a new camp-BBQ for the event. What was she more interested in? "daddy, can we have a big tv like you did last time?"

So after a little thinking, I realized that we were in a better position- unlimited power and a library of media. So I pulled out my mobile pico-projector that bought a few months ago. It works best in low light conditions, so I set it up inside the tent to project onto the tent wall of the entry way.

As it go darker, we spent the time eating smores, drinking hot tea and watching episodes of MacGyver. What a great start to the holiday weekend.

Happy B.C. Day everyone ! (well, everyone in BC)