Hey, Hey, Hey, Its magic

The sun slowly rises over the mountains and streams into the office. The System Administrator, sits there, hard at work on one of the servers through a remote connection. He has been here since 4am. Its the only real way to get work done and it means he can go home early. As 7am chimes in, staff members slowly drag themselves past his office, like a scene in a zombie movie. Some wearily sigh a good morning greeting. All except for Harold. He's the marketing guy and always sickly happy. Why? he goes running at 5am. In the sun, the rain and the snow. Some even say, he went out for a run during an earthquake - to strengthen his ankles. It is believed that he was born in the car, racing to the hospital, and his body must maintain an average of 20km movement every day.

The sysadmin finishes up and opens his breakfast. Then the first call comes in. A monitor slides up from the desk and shows the caller ID and information, while a wall mounted 40inch, situation-screen shows the callers physical location, call back numbers, system configurations and settings. A closet hidden in the wall slides open to reveal a jet-black Segway with iPad mount. Three mini-droid-bots scutter out ahead of the Segway and proceed to the location. The Sysadmin, now ready for action, syncs his iPad and climbs aboard the segway, heading out to the distressed user, while the Thunderbirds theme plays over the hidden speakers in his office. The blonde office temp smiles and flutters her eyes in admiration as the Segway floats past.

Sigh. Actually, what happens, is the cracked LCD screen on his phone partially identifies the caller who is apparently having 'glitches' with logging into web-mail. He slides his squeaky chair out from his table and wanders over to her office, banging his kneecap on the half-open door.

'It doesnt work. Ive tried and tried and tried!' she exclaims. Then comes the qualifier - 'but it'll work now your here!'

Yes. My physical presence exerts an unknown force, called... er.. the force... on all electronic gadgetry in my immediate vicinity, commanding it to work without error.

Yes. Its magic.

In actuality, she enters her user name without spelling errors, and it lets her log-in without incident. It is amazing how more accurately you have to type when someone is watching you!! The sysadmin, still nursing a bruised knee-cap, hobbles back to his desk and logs the 'resolution' to the call.

3 hours, 35 minutes to go.