Voice... at the speed of Shaw

So today was D-Day for our Telus business lines. We made the switch to Shaw Business Services. If only everything was as simple as that.

Chris, my site technician turned up just after nine a.m. and inspected the site. He got to work installing the Shaw hardware and setting up the lines. At 10am, my 'phone-system-guy' turns up to hook the new lines into the PBX. Shaw asked me who I used, and they made arrangements to have them onsite at the right time - Fantastic.

But, he is a little early.. why?... so that he can review the system programing before he starts to minimize the downtime in the switch over on each line - Outstanding. Thinking and planning ahead! Why cant more companies work like this? Put the thought and effort into the end-user experience. Now my first few days with Shaw Business Phone Lines are, for want of a better word - perfect.

As the IT guy for a small business, the last thing I want to be doing is hand holding vendors who are putting in their own hardware and Shaw made this easy for me. So easy, I actually have nothing planned this afternoon (as I had it penciled off to fix any problems!).

By 1pm, the lines have been switched with minimal interruption to the office operations.

Now there are a couple of things that need to be tweaked but they were expected and are not critical.

Thanks Shaw and AdTech Systems of Abbotsford.