Anti-Spam Migration to Google Postini

For a while I have been considering using hosted services to support our network instead of on-premise solutions. The first task is our anti-spam.

For the past few years, we have been running GFI Mail Essentials and GFI Mail Security on our Exchange server to scrub incoming mail, and aside from an incident last year where it started dropping both spam and non-spam, has been very reliable. It does still have a couple of draw backs. It still requires a level of administration for constantly tweaking sensitivity levels and installing updates. And it requires mail be delivered to the server to be filtered - although this is a 'duh' comment, I would prefer mail to be filtered before it even reaches the network.

And so began my search for something that was hosted, would provide a good level of protection and will be priced competitively.In October (around 15days time) our GFI maintenance was due for renewal - this was the perfect time to look at making a change.

After some research and trialing, I made the move to Google's Postini mail services. Some of the highlights;

  • ·         Spam and virus filtering for all email addresses at your domain, including mailing lists and user aliases
  • ·         Content and attachment filters, which you can create to enforce your company's policies for inbound or outbound messages
  • ·         Approved and blocked senders lists, which you can use to ensure or prevent delivery from specific senders—or even whole domains
  • ·         The Message Center, which lets users manage their quarantined messages and set up their own approved and blocked senders lists
  • ·         A central message archive, which automatically stores copies of all your users' email messages
  • ·         Discovery tools, which let you (and other designated users) recover lost messages, retrieve messages for legal or compliance purposes, and monitor users' message content
  • ·         The Personal Archive, which lets users access and recover their own archived messages
 And so began our transition to utilizing hosted services, which we have for just about the same cost of the GFI renewal - an easy sell!!