Emailing The Masses

What do I mean by 'Emailing the Masses'? Well, I'm not talking about the computerization of the Catholic Church and their Sunday gatherings. I am referring to the general emails I send out to my wonderful userbase.

You see, occasionally I have to alert everyone to upcoming maintenance or update them on a project. Sometimes, its just to give them a heads up. The problem that I usually run into, is that the subject of IT is generally a dry subject for non-technical users that results in a glassy eyed response. So I started making my emails a little more 'readable'. Sometimes I even went off on a tangent, but I did discover that if you write your emails as though you are speaking to someone, then they will be more likely to be read and also more easily read.

Originally, I did wonder if the injection of humor into a serious subject would 'fly' past the management types but it seems that they are on board. But anyway, I digress... I decided I would start posting my updates and alerts (after the fact) as blog entries. It fills up my blog, makes it appear as though Im making more entries and hopefully someone might get a kick out of it.

Our Unscheduled Email Outage

Earlier this morning I performed as series of seemingly mundane and generic tasks. Updating various service packs and software patches.
The computer gods thought that Friday would be an ideal time to play a prank on lil’ ole me, and decided to make the latest security update for Exchange a little wonky. (This, by the way, is something we actually *have* to have – and not in the ‘52” Plasma TV ‘have-to-have’ way – we need it from a system security perspective.)
As it turns out, one of the twelve accompanying patches updated part of the messaging system. Something which our Anti Spam system (from GFI) didn’t really like. So, like my three year old daughter throwing a tantrum, GFI decided that after it verified that the mail was good and was not spam, it would just throw it away.
So, after three hours on the phone with a helpful Microsoft employee, called Muzammil, we narrowed down the culprit, uninstalled it and managed to restore the mail flow.
Why am I telling you this?
Because right now, we are operating with a reduced spam filter. That means chances are, you are going to be sent lots of opportunities to purchase reduced price medications, find a lonely housewife for the weekend and be left wondering if ‘size really does matter’.
While I work on a way to re-integrate the spam filter, please bear with me. I appreciate that manual spam filtering can be annoying and I am working on it for you.
In addition, we are operating with a reduced anti-virus/malicious attachment filter. SO PLEASE DO NOT OPEN ANY ATTACHEMENTS unless you know WHO it came from, were EXPECTING the file and are CONFIDENT that you know what it is.
Your Desktop Email Clients
By now, you will have been informed by <staff member=""> that email is available by Webmail only, and if you are reading this, then you have successfully logged in to get it.</staff>
I will visit your computer at some point on Monday to update your Outlook client.
Thank you for your patience today.
If you have any questions, please contact me.