Endorphins are little bean-shaped creatures that live in your brain. These creatures are the ones responsible for making you feel good and a severe lack of them can make you a cranky ass. In some cases, though, these Endorphins can get a little upset if you dont indulge them in a while and start to make you really happy when you do something destructive. Weird huh?

I started researching Endorphins when I was sat here wondering if I should attempt (feebly) to find an iPhone4 today. Ive mentioned  before, I dont know why I want one, I just do. Its new. Its sexy and I want one. At the weekend we got my wife a new car. Now I want one. This led to my research into shopoholism (people addicted to shopping.) The need to go spend money and get something. There is an interesting link here on WebMD. This is identified on WebMD as an additiction and is apparently genetic.

"Some of the new evidence suggests that some people, maybe 10%-15%, may have a genetic predisposition to an addictive behavior, coupled with an environment in which the particular behavior is triggered, but no one really knows why."

This is great news for marketers - all they have to do, is stop the complex marketing programs and concentrate on a way to address the 15% that are genetically determined to become addicted to shopping.

This brings us back to the little Endorphins. In all fairness, they just want to be loved. In a recent interview with a chief Endorph, it stated that 'the human brain is so empty, we have lots of space but we still get lonely. give us a small indulgence or some sugar and we'll be happy.'

This could explain why chocolate makes you feel good.

Note: this article is totally without medical or scientific merit and is the ramblings of a stressed sysadmin on his lunch break who realized that he hadn't made his quota for blogs this week.

On a more serious note, addictions affect a good percentage of the population in one form or another and shouldn't be joked about. This article is about Endorphins - not addiction, so I'm home free.

UPDATE: After writing and publishing this blog entry, then re-reading it, I had to ask "Am I f***ing NUTS". I started drinking coffee and I think my Endorphins are a little over hyped.