Facebook Places

There has been alot of talk online between people I know, and people I don't about Facebook places. Some of it is starting to get out of control as, like the childrens game of 'Chinese Whispers', the original point gets blown way out of proportion. What started out as 'Hey - you can now check yourself into a Place so that people know where you are (geographically)' ended up as 'OMG - Facebook has installed a camera in your shower and is watching you'.

Now Im not saying it doesnt deserve attention, but lets keep this in perspective.

Now, what I don't agree with, is Facebooks method of making a service like this 'opt-out' - ie. it is defaulted to ON unless you turn it off. I don't think I will use it because I don't want everyone knowing where I am all the time. I also dont want people tagging me as being where Im not.

"If you don't disable this option then it's possible for friends to mischievously tag you as being at a lapdancing club or STD clinic. But they could also unwittingly reveal your genuine location when you simply don't want it to be shared. "

How to Turn Off Facebook Places
Rather than me re-posting instructions, I will simply pass you a link to Sophos blog website, where you can follow the instructions. (Or not if you don't want to.) - How to protect yourself from Facebook Places