iP4 - Quick Call

So, I had a few minutes to kill, and decided to make a couple of quick calls. Departing from my usual 'game', I opted for a straight forward, no-nonsense approach. The result was quite interesting (although not in the direction I would have liked.).

Judging from the response, the iP4 requests to stores are starting to rattle the cages of the calm and professional sales people. I think i was probably the 4584,125,215,451st caller today.

Me: "Hi - iPhone4 ?"
Sales Guy: (very exasperated) "NOOO. WE DONT HAVE ANY"
Me: "OK. thanks "

My opinion? I think, in order to prevent a mass of sales people using their cell phones as a tomahawk and bludgening customers, Apple should get their production and shipping issues in order.