iP4 Update

So I've been feeling a little under the weather for a few days. Nothing major, just a bit of a head cold that is being kept at bay with copious amounts of Advil. I decided I should get out of the office and check on my iPhone4 waiting lists.

The first store I hit, I didnt even enter. The tell-tale sign of no-iPhone4s was evident as a stream five of people slowly left the store, looking sullen and down trodden. "how could Apple forget me?" commented one poor guy as he broke down in tears. Another, younger chap, dropped to his knees, threw his hands in the air and simply shouted "STEVE!"

The second store was totally empty, another tell-tale sign. I found out from the helpful guy that I was still on the list and they were working through it. The had now finished page one (of twelve). I felt inspired, until we found my name halfway down on page eight. So based on two months to complete one page of the waiting list, I should be getting a call in around fourteen months. Maybe i should just put my name at the top of the iPhone5 waiting list instead.

Interestingly enough, it seems that Telus and Virgin have no problem in supplying the iP4 to their customers. I cant help but wonder if there is something more sinister going on. Perhaps Rogers provided the wrong brand of bottled water at an Apple negotiation, maybe Apple doesn't like the Rogers Red or it may be something as simple as they like the Telus animal commercials.

Another interesting point is that apparently, at the end of September, Apple will start selling the iPhone4 in its 'home town'. China has been confirmed to start getting the handsets, which leaves me wondering if they will continue to ship stock to Canada or just open the factory doors until the demand in China dies down.

Either way, I am starting to get a little dispondant with it. The Blackberry Torch is looking more attractive every day, while a couple of the Android powered HTCs have peaked my interest. And, the way things are going, I would probably be eligible for another hardware upgrade by the time Rogers actually gets the iP4s.

I think I need some more Advil.