Times are a changing...

My four year old daughter just walked up to me and said "daddy, what *is* this?" holding up a CD (in its case) in disgust like a bag of dirty diapers.

I replied, "It's a CD."

"Oh." she said. "Whats it for?"

Wow. I mean, she is familiar with DVDs for watching movies but after some thinking, I realized that her entire exposure to audio entertainment has been through an iPod, Laptop or other digital medium.

Makes me glad I kept an old floppy disk to show her in a few years. I imagine the conversation will go like this:

Me: "Hey, look at this. Daddy used to use these in computers to keep files on!"
Her: "mmm... ok... whats a computer?"
Me: "Err... it is an electronic device for digital creation of documents, media and the like"
Her: "Oh. OK. like an early iPad?"
Me: "Err.... kinda. They were the size of a brief case though and had a seperate screen and keyboard!"
Her: "No WAY! how did you take it to work, or to the coffee shop?"
Me: "Err.. well, you didnt"
Her: "YOU DIDNT? how did you keep in touch with the social networks? message your friends from the mall? share photos? How Did You COMMUNICATE? "
Me: "Well.. err. lets focus on the floppy disk"
Her: "Whats a floppy disk?"
Me: "This Thing I have in my hand!"
Her: "Oh... thats a silly name. its not very floppy."
Me: "well.. it is floppy inside the case"
Her: "So... you take it out of the case?"
Me: "No, you insert it into the drive as it is."
Her: "Into what drive?"
Me: "The floppy disk drive on the computer."
Her: "Oh ok. so its like a SubMicro SD Card?"
Me: "Exactly. just older."
Her: "Wow. How many songs can you get on it?"
Me: "Well.. er.. not that many. Hardly even one, in fact. It only has 1.4 MB of storage"
Her: "Holy crap! 1.4MB.. as in MegaBytes ? it must have taken days to copy your music to your iPod"
Me: "This was before the iPod generation"
Her: "wow Dad... you're old"
Me: "Thanks"