A Geeky Christmas List

First, let me say, I know Christmas is not supposed to be the time of year for 'wants' - but some of this stuff is so darn cool, I just had to email Santa.

Asus RT-N56U Router

This stylish router gives great all round performance with USB ports for easy access network storage.

Approx Price $99

Read More: gdgt.com


Never go hungry again! I sometimes have bad-days with chop sticks. But with these 3-in-1 utensils, I am set for the night!

Approx Price $4.99

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Who looks at a tooth-brush and thinks "It could be a little more sonic" ?

For Dr Who fans everywhere, this Sonic Toothbrush should keep your knashers clean and white.

Approx Price $14.99

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The MakerBot 3D Printer

How cool would it be, to be able to PRINT 3D objects? See something you like online? Just click PRINT and out it comes!

Approx Starting Price $1,999

Read More: makerbot.com

Ultra Geeky

It’s a capable little PC which can be used for many of the things that your desktop PC does, like spreadsheets, word-processing and games.

Approx Price $35

Read More: raspberrypi.org

PowerTrekk Power Cell

This funky gadget charges your mobile devices from WATER! Seriously, Just add water and watch your phone charge.

Approx Price $250

Read More: powertrekk.com