Feeling Sick? No Horror Movies For You!

Recent clinical research conducted by myself, using me as the only test subject, in one experiment, has proved that watching a horror movie during the initial stages of a flu, can lead to some seriously trippy dreams.

Im not sure if it is the combination of medication, the fever of 103F, the lack of sleep or indeed all of the above, but at the height of my hallucinations i was being chased by a madman trying to decapitate me with a slice of three day old pizza. All for leaving creases in the bedsheets and drinking his water.

So, if you are feeling a little rough, when all around you are dropping like flys, we (at the Matt Sleep Research facility*) recommend watching something more sedate and less impressionable. I would also recommend that, as boring as it is, you avoid the shopping channels. These have not been researched and you may find out that during your floating session with 'Lucy', you have purchased three toaster ovens, a new Bose sound system and a weird gadget for opening tight jam-jars. And a slap-chop. They are cool.