Google Mail Conversion Complete

After a few weeks of blog-free work, I thought it was high time to get back on it. Not that I've had nothing to blog about, just been really busy - I will try and update shortly.

One of my pet projects was to finish the transfer of my personal email accounts to Google mail, from the hosting providors email system. My main reasoning behind this, was to create a seperate system from my work setup. Outlook PST files and the like, are eating my disk space and Google will let me store it at their place for free. Plus, it makes it slightly easier to hook into my iPad and my all new, shiney iPhone! (more on that little baby later.)

After setting up the free Google apps account, it was just a case of configuring my settings, changing my MX records to point to the Google servers and setup my iDevice. Easy. Im already seeing a huge reduction in spam, and for ease of use I have them setup as imap connections. There is nothing worse than having to delete the same email on three devices.

Anyway, until I get my home exchange server setup, Google will be more than adequate for my needs. And actually, thinking about it, it is way less maintenance and management too.