Replacing Hard Disk on Dell Precision M4700

Today I received a brand spanking new Dell Precision M4700. First step - replace the stock hard disk with my Smoking fast SSD (Solid State Drive).

Dell have gone to great lengths to make it easy to swap the hard disk and memory on this machine (unlike a certain Toshiba laptop I had to do last week that involved the removal of 28 screws and most of the chassis!)

Here are the steps, should you need to go through a similar exercise.

Remove the battery by sliding the battery release

Remove the back panel by removing these two screws. The panel should then slide upwards/away from you.

Remove the four screws that hold the hard disk in place, then the fifth screw that locks the Hard Disk release slider. 

The Hard disk release slider will eject the disk caddy from the left of the machine. Just replace, then reverse the steps.