Installing Dell OpenManage on Hyper-V Core 2012

Today, I have been working on installing the Dell OpenManage software on the new Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Core. This GUI-less interface needs a few more hoops to jump through before you can install the software. 

I found a few excellent writeups online, which I am not going to duplicate, but I did find one Gotchya during the install. 

The official Dell install instructions are here (for the currently released version 7.2): 

There are also a couple of other useful blog entries here: and here:

Both of the other blogs talk about installing version 6.5 first, then upgrading to version 7. This is because in Hyper-V core the WOW (Windows on Windows) 32bit support is not activated by default. 

There are instructions in the official dell page that will walk you through enabling it temporarily to carry out the install. 


The Gotchya

OK, here is the thing that threw me for about an hour. My personal preference is to use Powershell wherever possible. 

Running the install (Step 2 in the Dell instructions) will result in an error, if you execute it from Powershell.  You need to drop to the command line to run that.

Same if you want to do the pre-req steps outlined below - run them from the old DOS prompt. 

  1. cd c:\OpenManage65\windows\prereqchecker
  2. runprereqchecks /s
  3. echo Return Code = %ERRORLEVEL%