Text Messages In Email Inbox (Galaxy S4)

I recently made the switch to the Samsung Galaxy S4. Overall I have been happy with the device and making the move. There have been a couple of things to get used to in the OS - coming from an iPhone, the layout and options navigation has been taking some time to familiarize myself with.

However one of the things that confused me, was why my Text Messages were showing up in my Exchange account inbox.

A little searching and reading, revealed that this was an option (I probably checked in ignorance). Thanks to the post over at Android Central - http://forums.androidcentral.com/verizon-samsung-galaxy-s4/284028-text-messages-being-sent-email-account.html the solution is one checkbox away.

To not have your text messages show in your in-box,

  1. open the mail app
  2. press the menu button
  3. select settings
  4. select Account settings
  5. select the account that they text messages are being displayed in 
  6. scroll to the bottom and select More Settings
  7. clear the check mark next to "SYNC SMS"