Updating Internet Explorer on Windows Embedded Standard 7

Wow. This was a real pain.

I have two HP Thin Client T610 running Windows Embedded Standard 7. Both I need to use in a kiosk mode fashion for a client. Problem is, that the current version of IE installed on them, is version 8... a few years old.

Here's how I did it.

  1. Turn off the Write Filter to allow changes
  2. Enable the local Administrators account - even though I had a seperate local administrator account, it doesn't seem to have the privileges that the built in account does.
  3. Log in as the local Administrator account. (Hint: default password is: Administrator)
  4. Change the RAM DRIVE settings. This is the crucial, key part to the rest. By default, these little units had 32MB assigned to their Ram Drives for changes. 32MB! I adjusted this to 250MB.
  5. Install windows updates as needed
  6. Download the FULL INSTALL of Internet Explorer 11 to the thin client
  7. Run the installtion
    1. If needed, follow the link and install the pre-req's for IE11
  8. I also installed a PDF viewer at this point too.
  9. Disabled the admin account again.
  10. Re-Enabled the File Write Filter