CRM 2011 Finding Workflow that triggers a specific workflow

I recently had to troubleshoot a CRM workflow. Unfortunatley, it was set to 'Run As Child', meaning it could have been called from any one of a number of workflows.

I drafted this little SQL snippet to find any mention of the child workflow, in the XAML field of all the other workflows. 

declare @WorkflowNamePartial as varchar(250)
select @WorkflowNamePartial = '16-4'

declare @WorkflowID as varchar(250)
select @WorkflowID = WorkflowId FROM [Workflow] where ActiveWorkflowIdName like @WorkflowNamePartial +'%'
SELECT ActiveWorkflowIdName As ProcessesTriggeringSelectedWorkflow FROM [Workflow] where XAML like '%' + @WorkflowID + '%'

Simply change the second line to the name of the childworkflow and run against the MSCRM database.