Configuring Remote Management Access for Hyper-V

[NOTE: This article still under development]

One of the big things about Hyper-V, is that although it is a Windows Server and capable of being domain joined, in some cases, you might not want to join a domain. (eg. a small business with one Hyper-V server. If the DC is on the Hyper-V server, then you may run the risk of not being able to connect to it, in the event that the DC guest doesn't start.)

In these cases, I prefer to leave the Hyper-V in a workgroup, however this makes managing it a little more interesting to configure.

Essentially the process is;

  • Install the Hyper-V management tool from the Windows Features or the Microsoft Windows Server RSAT
  • Add the HyperV server to the local client HOSTS file
  • Configure Clients Component Service
    • Start > Run > DCOMCNFG
    • In console open Components > Computers, > right click on ‘My Computer’.
    • Select the ‘Com Security’ tab and under ‘Access Permissions’ select ‘Edit Limits’.
    • Select the line that says ‘ANONYMOUS LOGON’, C
    • Check the box "Remote Access" under Allow.
  • Add credentials for the server using cmdkeyunder command prompt
    • cmdley /add:Servername /user:Username /pass:Password4ThatUser
  • on the server, enable Remote Management from the SCONFIG menu
    • Allow MMC Remote Managment
    • Allow PowerShell
    • Reboot Server
    • Allow Server Manager Remote Management
  • on the server, run the following firewall rule updates;
    • Enable-NetFirewallRule -DisplayGroup "Remote Administration"


Be aware of this if using Windows 8 client (I spent hours troubleshooting this).

Make sure that you are using a local account on the Windows8 machine, not the default "MicrosoftAccount" in the form of With the latter you will keep hitting an Access denied error when trying to remotely manage the firewall through the GUI.

Thanks to a3uit for pointing this out on the Microsoft forums.

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