Dell Venue 11 Pro Freezing

Problem: Dell Venue 11 Tablet consistently freezing for about 30 seconds before resuming for another 30 seconds, then freezing again.

The tablet seems to recognize the touch input as the screen shows the swipe marks or the lightly shaded pressure points but nothing else.

Resolution: the problem lies with the Intel Rapid Storage system.

To disable this:

  • Press Start
  • move to the more apps area
  • open the Intel Rapid Storage application.
    • Note: Must be opened in elevated Admin mode
  • Select the Performance button
  • Press the Link Power Management option to disable it.
    • The option link should read 'Enable' when done.
  • Close the application
  • Restart the tablet.
    • This step is critical - without it, the LPM will remain on.

Shout out to: 'JacksRHard2Beat' on the Dell Forums for this post

Also, note that there is info on a recall for some Venue 11s. More details here.