Changing the Time Zone for a Sharepoint 2010 site

Recently I had the issue of a Sharepoint Calendar showing some weird times for the appointments. It turns out that they are all off by three hours, putting the calendar in a different time zone.

It took me a few minutes to find the answer but there are a couple of places to change the time zones;

1) a global setting for all new sites that are created:
Thanks to Liedong(Ken) Zheng at for pointing this one out. Opening the Central Admin console on the server, you can navigate to App Management > Web Apps > Manage Web Applications. Select the site and click the Change Settings in the ribbon bar, and pick General Settings.

2) at a user level:
Thanks to the Programming 4 Us site -
Click the user name to get the user menu, pick My Settings and change the Time Zone

3) at a site level:
Thanks to Amol Ghuge over at
Click Site Actions menu > Site Settings and then under the Site Administration heading, pick Regional Settings.

For me, it was number 3 that I had to adjust.